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Lisbon Youth Basketball Cup 2024

June 22-23 2024


Welcome to the excitement of the Lisbon Youth Basketball Cup 2024! Get ready for an extraordinary basketball spectacle as teams from across the globe converge in the vibrant landscapes of Lisbon. This prestigious tournament promises an unforgettable fusion of skill, sportsmanship, and cultural celebration. Experience the thrill of fast-paced matches on the court and the camaraderie off it. Join us for a basketball journey that transcends borders, where teams vie for glory, and spectators immerse themselves in the spirit of the game against the backdrop of Lisbon's rich heritage. Brace yourself for the magic, passion, and sheer brilliance of basketball at the Lisbon Youth Basketball Cup 2024! 🏀🏆🌟"

"Basketball doesn't build character, it reveals it. The hardwood is a stage where resilience, teamwork, and individual brilliance converge."

- John Wooden

Tournament Details

Exciting international basketball matches? Check!Boys and girls competitions? Check!Great sports facilities? Check!Welcoming, captivating host city? Check!

Welcome to the second edition of the Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup, a fun and challenging international youth basketball event aimed at boys and girls in the U14, U16, and U18 age groups, taking place in sunny Lisbon on June 22 & 23, 2024.

This tournament is a great opportunity for teams from clubs, academies and schools from all around the world to compete. Join the Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup and take part in this "clash of titans" opposing different countries, each one with its unique "style" of basketball.

We are excited to welcome you to our beautiful country. Basketball has a great tradition in Portugal. The number of athletes, teams, spectators and digital followers of this amazing sport is growing by the day. It is time to get everyone around a spectacular tournament! Together, we'll grow every year and became a worldwide reference for youth basketball!

Let the games begin!

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