Weather Policy for Rainstorm and Typhoon Signals:

Red & Black Rain /No.8 Typhoon Signal and above
Courses are automatically cancelled during Black & Red rain warnings or the hoisting of the No.8 Typhoon Signal or when course venues are closed due to inclement weather.

If programmes are in progress while a warning is hoisted Sports100 staff will end the session and ensure the students are in the care of their parent or guardian. Classes not in session prior to Black rain storm warning being hoisted will be automatically cancelled.  Where possible, scheduled classes will resume 2 hours after the lowering of weather warnings.  If signal is lowered at or after 4pm, all remaining classes will be cancelled for that day.

Yellow Rain
All indoor classes will continue as normal, All outdoor classes will be cancelled at the discretion of the coach, a make up coupon will be offered. If the class is in session and the warning is hoisted, no make up coupon will be offered for the class. 

Typhoon signal 3
All indoor classes will continue as normal.
If outdoor classes are cancelled, you will be informed by email, otherwise continue as normal. If you are unsure, please contact the office phone +852 5743 9870

Staff Illness
In the unlikely event that a staff member is unwell and unable to take the session, a cover teacher will be provided. If we are unable to provide a coach for the session the classes will be cancelled and a make up coupon will be offered. 

Photo taking

During the classes and sports camps, our coaches and staff members may take some during the sessions. Any media taking during the class will be used for promotional purposes only, including, but not limited to Facebook, instagram and marketing posters. If you wish for us not to use photos of your children, please contact us via email admin@sports100.org 

Class conduct

Coaches are expected to arrive early to set up. The coach will not be responsible for the student until the actual class starts, but will endeavour to interact and encourage the students to play with equipment until the start of the class. We encourage parents to use the equipment provided and play with their children before the class starts and we want to promote a good sporting relationship between families. 

Please arrive on time at the start of the class, students will need to warm up properly to avoid any injuries and feel more confident in the class. If a student is late, the coach will have the discretion to stop any late student from joining the class, no make up coupon will be issued.

Class attire

Students are expected to wear appropriate sports clothing and sports shoes. Students can wear either their own sports clothes or Sports100 branded clothing, which can be purchased from our shop. Any student not wearing appropriate clothing or shoes will not be permitted to take part. If you are unsure please contact us admin@sports100.org