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Over 60 Sessions Through out the summer


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Our basketball programme led by Coach GIO (bio) introduces all the fundamental skills needed to start playing, while continuing to develop the ABCs of Movement. Our course will not only use fun, dynamic, skill-based games but also teach students to love to play and learn the sport.

Development Stages:

Basketball START (4-6yrs old) 

Basketball FUN (6-9yrs old)

Basketball READY (9-11yrs old)

Basketball ACTIVE (12+yrs old)

Basketball DEVELOP (12+yrs old)

Basketball ELITE (12+yrs old)

Lifting Weights


Our strength & conditioning programme led by Coach Terry (bio) highlights building the strength, size as well as endurance of skeletal muscles. To undertake strength and conditioning training, you need to utilise resistance to muscular contraction so as you can achieve the desired results

Development Stages:

S&C START (4-6yrs old) 

S&C FUN (6-9yrs old)

S&C READY (9-11yrs old)

S&C ACTIVE (12+yrs old)

S&C DEVELOP (12+yrs old)

S&C ELITE (12+yrs old)


Our tennis programme led by Coach Michael (bio) is designed to develop the ABCs of movement, learn the FUNdamentals of tennis and get students ready to follow a path in tennis, either Elite, Development or Active. Our programme enables people to continue playing tennis at any level for as long as they want. 

Development Stages:

TENNIS START (4-6yrs old) 

TENNIS FUN (6-9yrs old)

TENNIS READY (9-11yrs old)

TENNIS ACTIVE (12+yrs old)

TENNIS DEVELOP (12+yrs old)

TENNIS ELITE (12+yrs old)

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Our football programme led by Coach Seb (bio) introduces all the fundamental skills needed to start playing, while continuing to develop the ABCs of Movement. So whether you want to follow the path to professionalism or you just want to kick a football around with a friend. We have a programme for you. 

Development Stages:

Football START (4-6yrs old) 

Football FUN (6-9yrs old)

Football READY (9-11yrs old)

Football ACTIVE (12+yrs old)

Football DEVELOP (12+yrs old)

Football ELITE (12+yrs old)

Kids Running


Finding time to develop to most important part of sports development can be difficult. We often rush to learn sports specific skills because we want to be the best at football, for example. But we often forget about Physical Literacy, the building blocks to any sports. This programme allows for physical literacy development to give you the best chance to exceed at any sports. 

Development Stages:

Junior Sports START (4-6yrs old) 

Junior Sports FUN (6-9yrs old)

Junior Sports READY (9-11yrs old)

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Our rugby programme introduces and connects players to rugby and the various rugby clubs around Hong Kong. So whether you are a beginner or more advanced, want to get connected to global network of rugby players, we have the programme for you. ​

Development Stages:

Rugby START (4-6yrs old) 

Rugby FUN (6-9yrs old)

Rugby READY (9-11yrs old)

Rugby ACTIVE (12+yrs old)

RugbyDEVELOP (12+yrs old)

Rugby ELITE (12+yrs old)



We are a group of experienced sports coaches, who specialise in their chosen sports field and we have group together to create platform for students to learn not just the skills to succeed, but to learn to love the sport. Aiming for sporting longevity and well as sporting excellence


Our coaching is based on the Canadian Sports for Life model and we seek to engage, nurture and promote the benefits of being active for Hong Kong Students.


Students who take part on our long-term athletic development pathways (LTAD) will see many improvements in the lives. We aim to serve the community through sports. 


We have four main development outcomes at Sports100: Professional Sports, Sports for Life, Career Opportunities and Coach Development. This programme focuses on Coach Development.

At Sports100 we are sharing our experience and knowledge with others. We have developed a programme that gives students hands-on experience in coaching, equipping young coaches with the know-how and experience to grow, not just in coaching, but to excel in any leadership roles.

Our leadership Programme ensures students get hands-on experience presenting, problem-solving, research & implementation

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A brand new online programme that is designed to empower parents to teach their children fundamental movement skills, foundational sports skills and learn more advanced skills. 

With over 40 hours of a variety skills games and exercises, children and parents will be able to find a video that is specific to their needs. 

Clients can also share their videos with our team of coaches who will be able to give feedback on their technique or keep track of their progress. 


Stay active at home, in the park, anywhere! 


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