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Who We Are?


We are a values based Company that puts the development of children before profits. Our model is based on the Canadian Sports for Life model and we seek to engage, nurture and promote the benefits of being active for Hong Kong Students. SPORTS100 gives students a chance to either pursue a career in sports or use sports to further their career. Students who take part on our long-term athletic development pathways (LTAD) will see many improvements in the lives…….

Meet the team

Our Coaches believe in the importance of professional and appropriate coaching techniques and understand the need for different styles of coaching at the different stages of development. Our coaches will help nurture and teach each individual participant in a fun, dynamic and safe group environment. We focus heavily on development as we know that early emphasis on competition can leave students, excluded and frustrated. Remember! our goal is to increase and maintain participation at grass-roots level! 

What We Offer


After School Activities

Our programmes will run after the school using the schools facilities and current school students. Classes are open to all students, no matter ability, age or gender. Our coaches will ensure all students get the most contact with learning the skills.


School Team

We provide professional coaches, with experience playing and coaching sports teams. Our coaches will provide all the necessary training for the school’s team to ensure they can compete in their respective competitions.


Venue Hire

Hiring the School’s facilities that will allow access for the local community, allow current students to extend their contact with their chosen sport and will help the school get the most out of their fantastic facilities.


Holiday / Weekend Camps

An active holiday is the best kind of holiday, especially for children. We run on and off-campus sports camps, providing a fun and dynamic environment for children to develop their sports skills.

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Coaching Challenge

Specifically for CAS Week/ Challenge Week. The programme gives students the opportunity to learn how to coach, challenge themselves to coach their peers and challenge themselves to coach other students.


Teacher Training

For Schools who wish to raise the standard of coaching amongst teachers and give them the tools to confidently teach their students, without having to outsourcing the entire programme.

SPORTS 100 Foundation


Giving ALL children an opportunity and access to quality sports coaching, regardless of age, gender, family composition, income or community. Whilst providing a strong sports foundation to build and encourage all to excel and become role models in society for generations to come. SPORTS100 Limited will donate a percentage of all course fee income to the foundation in order to increase the number of children participating in our development model.

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Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong

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